Making The Most out of a Sailing School Experience

During summers there are a lot of activities that you could experience and enjoy with friends and family. Most of these are considered beach activities that could be done around or on the water like parasailing, swimming, diving, boating, and many more. Even when it is not the summer season, the beauty of the sea […]


Everything You Need to Know About Team Sailing

When it comes to sports teams, every member of the team gives a different dimension to the team. Each one has a different role and different characters to impersonate. Everyone together becomes a unit. When it comes to a Sailing squad, there’s a specific theory for the development of the team that has become a […]

Women Sailors

Setting the Standard for Women Sailors – 49erFX Women

A group of young women has been showing extraordinary skills in sailing from the 49erFX fleet. The women are well nurtured to be able to compete with some of the best sailors in the world and have been shining with their performance. The class of sailors is considered to be a promising set of sailors, […]

The Marketing Initiative

Sailing the Bermuda Triangle

The summer of 2019 is looking bright and sunny to sailors around the world. It doesn’t quite matter the level of sailing skills you have as long as you are interested in exploring the Bermuda triangle on a sailing adventure. The tourism agencies of three popular destinations are offering travelers a chance to explore the […]

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL - DECEMBER 11:  Tiger Woods' boat "Privacy" is seen docked at Old Port Cove marina on December 11, 2009 in North Palm Beach, Florida. The name of the boat has been concealed with large white tarps. Tiger Woods has not spoken with media since he drove his SUV into a fire hydrant and  tree at his Florida home in the early hours of November 27.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Famous People and Their Yachts – Part 2

The second edition of famous people and their yachts meets up with Richard Branson and Tiger Woods and discovers what vessels they sail in. Part one saw Billy Joel’s amazing Vendetta that he helped design himself along with tennis superstar Rafael Nadal and his Monte Carlo type yacht called Beethoven. Richard Branson – Necker Belle […]

Billy Joel Donates

Famous People and Their Yachts – Part 1

Famous people from every walk of life mostly own the luxury yachts that sail the seven seas. Royalty, politicians, rock stars, actors you name it, some of the finest and most luxurious boats are owned by the rich and famous. In this blog we look some of the famous people and their boats and enter […]

RMS Titanic

Famous Ships – Part 2

The second part of our voyage to discover some of the most famous ships in history crashes through the waves to look at some of the most famous warships that have sailed the seas in search of conflict. They include HMS Dreadnought, USS Monitor and the Potemkin. HMS Dreadnought His Majesty’s Ship Dreadnought was launched […]


Famous Ships – Part 1

At one stage, the world was transformed by ships, it was the only way to transport people and goods across continents, and without them the world would have certainly developed at a slower pace. There have been many notorious ships in history, famous for all sorts of reasons – from developing new lands to fighting […]


The Best Movies that have Featured Boats

There has always been a fascination with Hollywood film directors about the sea, the ships and the sailors that have sailed the waves. The sea remains the largest unconquered area on the planet, and even the colossal giant oil tankers and aircraft carriers are specks in the water looking the size of snowflakes in an […]


Famous Fictional Sailors – Part 2

Following our first voyage with the most famous fictional sailors of all time, we once again take to the waves to serve under new captains that have found fame on the big screen and in novels. The first captain we sail with is Sinbad on the turbulent seas around Asia and Africa. Sinbad The voyages […]