Famous Ships – Part 1

At one stage, the world was transformed by ships, it was the only way to transport people and goods across continents, and without them the world would have certainly developed at a slower pace. There have been many notorious ships in history, famous for all sorts of reasons – from developing new lands to fighting […]


The Best Movies that have Featured Boats

There has always been a fascination with Hollywood film directors about the sea, the ships and the sailors that have sailed the waves. The sea remains the largest unconquered area on the planet, and even the colossal giant oil tankers and aircraft carriers are specks in the water looking the size of snowflakes in an […]


Famous Fictional Sailors – Part 2

Following our first voyage with the most famous fictional sailors of all time, we once again take to the waves to serve under new captains that have found fame on the big screen and in novels. The first captain we sail with is Sinbad on the turbulent seas around Asia and Africa. Sinbad The voyages […]


Famous Fictional Sailors – Part 1

There are many seafaring men and women who have either starred on the big screen or leapt out of the pages of a book to give themselves legendary fame. Some of these characters were loosely based on fact or fable, and other were completely fictional, either way it is great to remind ourselves just who […]


Famous Sailors – Part 2

This is the second part of looking at the lives of the most famous sailors that helped shape the world as we know it today. In part one we took sail with Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan and Francis Drake, who all took amazing voyages to discover new lands and find new sailing routes. In this […]


Famous Sailors – Part 1

The world as we know it today was mostly founded by adventurers who took to the oceans and seas and discovered new lands and peoples. Most were sponsored by governments or kings and queens who were dispatched to find new treasures, conquer native people and claim the land for their respective countries. In a way […]

Top Reasons to go Yachting

Top Reasons to go Yachting

Sailing or yachting is one great way of spending a vacation or just a beautiful day out. It offers you essentially everything you could want in a vacation. It also brings you the opportunity to learn new things. Whether you’re a regular person or famous celebrity, being out on a yacht has to be one […]


Sailing Events Around the World

Sailing is a massive sport and pastime for increasing numbers of people around the globe. There are new events cropping up each year that earn a worthy place on the sailing calendar. Along with a great many existing events that have been running for considerable time. In this blog we will take a look at […]


History of Sailing – Part 2

In our last blog post we looked at the very beginnings of sailing, which of course dates back thousands of years. From the earliest known records around the time of the Egyptian era, through to when the Romans decided to join things, the world has seen significant developments. This time out we will take a […]


History of Sailing – Part 1

Sailing has been around for quite a considerable time now. In fact the earliest recordings of man’s time on the sea dates back to 4000 BC. As you might expect with something as old as sailing there have been considerable changes in the way people have taken to the water over time. Design, skills, charting […]