History of the America’s Cup – Part 3

Following on from our first 2 parts in the series, we aim to uncover some additional history surrounding the world’s oldest sporting event. The America’s cup was born in 1851 and remains the pivotal part of the yachting calendar to this day. After the first series of challengers which the Americans were able to easily […]

History of the America’s Cup – Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd part of our series covering the history of The America’s Cup. Readers will be able to remember in the 1st part we took a look back at how the race got started and how it developed into the global phenomenon that it is now. In this blog we will be taking […]

History of the America’s Cup – Part 1

There is no other sailing race that generates quite as much interest as the America’s Cup. Without question nothing quite encapsulates the imagination of its followers as the premier sailing event. The competition itself is actually the oldest one in sport and dates back to 1851. The inaugural race was set around The Isle of […]