Everything You Need to Know About Team Sailing


When it comes to sports teams, every member of the team gives a different dimension to the team. Each one has a different role and different characters to impersonate. Everyone together becomes a unit. When it comes to a Sailing squad, there’s a specific theory for the development of the team that has become a standard over the years. No matter if it’s an Olympic team or a college team, every team goes through this development process. The development process is called “Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.” Every stage is equally essential for the team to be regarded as a great sailing team.

Looking Through the Stages

The first stage is ‘Forming,’ and it is all about growing. As a team, you are not alone now, and you have other team members who would rely on you. Each one of the members brings different factors to the team. Not just their skill sets, but their values, personality, culture, and psychophysiological tendencies. Everything has a unique sense that comes together. Different skills are essential for a great team, but our human nature and instincts such as jealousy and envy can come into the play too. Here team spirit comes to the rescue, knowing that the team’s success is your success is an important factor. Coming to values and personality, every member has different values, some value success more than everything while others value comradery, money or having a good time over success. It’s important that every member is on the same page when it comes to values. Personality plays the same role in this as it plays everywhere else. Different personalities coming together can either create a great atmosphere or a conflicted one. It’s important to cooperate and respect other’s personalities in the team. You need different kinds of characters at different times, according to the performances and mood of the team. In a team, people from different cultures and countries play together. They bring different facets to the table. The country they originate from also can play a vital role. Every member performs differently at different stages of a sailing race. Some perform better when they’re sledded while others love to perform in a calm headspace. This factor comes in the category of the psychophysiological profile of the team members.

Looking Through the Stages


These differences can inevitably bring in some conflicts between the players. So, team norms are developed over time. Not everyone reacts in a similar same way to identical situations or behaviors. These differences are what makes up ‘Storming.’ Furthermore the development of an understanding, sometimes intentional and progressive. This is called ‘Norming’ and is one of the most critical stages of the process. It involves the learning curve and constitutes training and development. Once all these stages have been covered, the ‘Performing’ stage remains. Everything till performance is just the preparation for the team to perform well. This is the ultimate target of a sailing team. A winning team always develops a winning habit. After all, in a sport, winning gives you respect and status. All the sporting legends are known first for their performances, while everything else is secondary.