Famous People and Their Yachts – Part 1

Billy Joel Donates

Famous people from every walk of life mostly own the luxury yachts that sail the seven seas. Royalty, politicians, rock stars, actors you name it, some of the finest and most luxurious boats are owned by the rich and famous. In this blog we look some of the famous people and their boats and enter into another world of pampering and unadulterated luxury.

Rafael Nadal – Beethoven

Nadal let his love of boats come to the fore when he was interviewed by Boat International, where he expressed his fondness for yachting. Further on in the interview, he stated it was a perfect pastime to forget about the pressures of tennis and his hectic lifestyle.

His first yacht is called Beethoven which also points to Nadal’s love of classical music. Beethoven was delivered in 2016 and is a 23.5-meter motorized yacht. Rumored to have cost Nadal 2.5 million Euros, Beethoven is a Monte Carlo Yacht 76 with the interior and exterior being designed by the successful Italian team of Nuvolari Lenard.

Nadal has had the boat lavishly appointed, and the boat’s engines are powerful when out on the open sea giving the boat a top speed of 31 knots. But the cruising speed is normally pegged down to 26 knots. The favorite hunting ground for Nadal is Mallorca which is his home island, and cruising around the Balearics.

Billy Joel – Vendetta

Billy Joel is mad about yachts, and at one time he owned five, he is not your archetypal yacht owner as one of his boats he used to store his motorcycle collection. His curiosity did not stop there and he took his interest further and actually designed his very own yacht.

Joel’s fascination of yachts were the classic old gentleman’s commuter yachts from the 1920’s. They used them as a quick way to cross the water in New York from Long Island into the city. Joel formed an association with the designer Doug Zurn to design and build the 57-foot-long Vendetta, and it was to be a replica of the old 1920’s style yachts.

The yacht cost $1.3, it has an enclosed cockpit that has room for six people. Everything gives off the feeling of the 1920’s and guests are reminded of days long gone while stepping on board the craft. Vendetta looks a period boat in every way, but don’t be fooled as it is crammed with every modern amenity imaginable.

The vessel is equipped with a modern propulsion system with two engines delivering 2,600 horsepower, and the yacht has a top speed of just under fifty knots which is really impressive considering that Vendetta weighs over 18 tones.

These yachts and the people that own them bring a touch of glamour to the ocean waves. They can be called rich man’s playthings but that should not take away from the sheer beauty of the vessels and the pleasure they bring. Just because a person is a celebrity does not mean they do not deserve a luxury yacht. We continue this blog in part two of our blog where we look at Richard Branson and Tiger Woods’ yachts.