Making The Most out of a Sailing School Experience


During summers there are a lot of activities that you could experience and enjoy with friends and family. Most of these are considered beach activities that could be done around or on the water like parasailing, swimming, diving, boating, and many more. Even when it is not the summer season, the beauty of the sea beckons and the feel of the breeze is refreshing and comforting. Another time-tested way to enjoy the ocean is by sailing. Imagine drifting on the smooth, surface of the ocean as you view islands or sea creatures and have a lovely picnic on the deck of a boat. However, sailing requires knowledge and skills for anyone to learn to operate and sail a boat. There are a lot of sailing schools offering various sailing programs for beginners or enthusiasts. Here are a few tips to make sure that you make the most of your sailing school experience.

Find Out What Kind Of Program Is Best For You

Similar to other skills and hobbies out there, there are many kinds of sailing that you could learn and sailing schools offer various programs that you can choose from. For example, are you planning to learn sailing in order to spend time with your children? Some schools offer specific lessons for parents and children to learn alongside one another like “Father-Daughter” programs or “Mother-Son” experiences. Aside from considering your reason for enrolment, you should also think about what kind of sailing you want to learn and what level. Adult sailing lessons could also include learning other important skills, passage-making, and navigation.

Do Your Own Research First

It is crucial that before you commit to a school or a particular program, that you do your own research about sailing first. One important thing that you have to learn is dressing correctly. When it comes to sailing, dressing properly does not necessarily mean wearing fancy, sailing clothes. It means wearing comfortable clothes that would allow you to stay dry and protect you against the elements like the weather. Researching about the program is vital before committing to one. Are you considering the school because a friend mentioned it? Interview your friend and try to find out more about his or her’s specific experience before paying a big downpayment. You can also look at tutorials, simulations, or online reviews before making your final decision.

Do Your Own Research First
Do Your Own Research First

Get To Know Every Aspect Of The School

Lastly, before narrowing down your choices and coming to a conclusion on which school you are enrolling with, try your best to get to know all aspects of the school, especially the ones that you are most concerned with. If you foresee any scheduling issues or event conflicts that could arise during lessons, you should read their policies thoroughly first on attendance and cancellations. Are the competency and qualifications of the school and its instructors vital to you? Then, check first if the sailing school you are considering is certified by an authoritative body and approved with the requirements. The social and cultural atmosphere is an important consideration for some people. You can find out earlier on what kind of learning environment the school has and what type of socializing opportunities, like competitions or parties, do they offer.