Sailing the Bermuda Triangle

The Marketing Initiative

The summer of 2019 is looking bright and sunny to sailors around the world. It doesn’t quite matter the level of sailing skills you have as long as you are interested in exploring the Bermuda triangle on a sailing adventure. The tourism agencies of three popular destinations are offering travelers a chance to explore the lifestyle and luxury that sailing offers. The three destinations that have teamed up for this effort are:

  • NYC and Company
  • Bermuda Tourism Authority, and
  • Discover Newport

The three organizations announced their initiative at the New York Yacht Club reception. The sailing adventure will be spread across three months from May to July for sailors to participate in. The starting point of the exploration will begin at Bermuda where the legendary American Cup took place. From there NYXlC will host the sail GP Regatta that will feature boats that have been modified from the American cup. Finally, in July Newport will host the 13-Metre World Championship and the Regatta Anniversary for the NY Yacht Club.

The Marketing Initiative

The main purpose of the collaboration is to encourage luxury travelers to enjoy sailing as part of a tour to the specified destinations. Heavy advertising on both online and offline forums are hoping to encourage a slew of interested travelers to take the bait. Prizes and trip giveaways are a perk for those involved as well.

The world-class sailing destinations will now draw world-class and newbie enthusiasts to their locality to experience what they have to offer. Heading to these destinations as part of a mission to experience some sailing is a great way to spend a luxury holiday.

What’s in Store

While sailing is one of the biggest perks of taking park in this tri-country tour, there are other incentives for the travelers. Events such as fairs, amazing cuisines, culture, arts, architecture, etc. are a welcome addition that every traveler will enjoy. For those who don’t have a boat to participate in the sailing events, there are boats available for hire as well. At the end of the trip, travelers can hope to take more than just a visit to these destinations.

About the Sailing Races

Some of the races that the travelers will witness are decades old. They have brought active sailors from all around the world and is a prized honor to be a part of. As a traveler, you will get to witness some of the best boats and meet some of the best sailors in action. Its trophies and awards galore at these sailing events. With prizes of $100,000 and more, these events are for the crème de la crème to experience. Expect to also meet different people from all over the world. For those interested in taking up sailing as an active sport after experiencing thee races, there are courses and boats available. It is no small deal to witness super yachts and skillful sailors maneuver through some of the toughest of course to take the winning prize. A sight to witness and an experience to share with loved ones.