Setting the Standard for Women Sailors – 49erFX Women

Women Sailors

A group of young women has been showing extraordinary skills in sailing from the 49erFX fleet. The women are well nurtured to be able to compete with some of the best sailors in the world and have been shining with their performance. The class of sailors is considered to be a promising set of sailors, and people are curious about who they are and how they have managed to shine suddenly.

When it comes to Olympic style sailing, it happens to be one of the most coveted accomplishments in a sailor’s career. To be able to call yourself Olympic worthy, it requires some level of experience and progression in the sailing field. However, when young women have been grabbing the limelight, it sure has been an eyebrow-raising moment for the others who have been struggling to get to the top. Especially when these women have not just been able to participate but win golds.

The women who have been competing are easy to spot when you go to the boat park at any FX event. The women are athletic and inspiring to other onlookers. They are known to be continually training when they have the littlest time to breathe. Their abilities to compete and succeed is the reward they can fully appreciate in the end because of the hard work that they put in. However, while the training is hard and the competitive spirit seems brutal, the women seem to have a blast while they work hard toward their goals. Not only do they do well on the vessel and while training, but these women are also close friends outside of the events. Together they are unstoppable.

They believe that the entire racing circuit and especially the FX is very demanding and dynamic. However, nowhere do they even feel that it is too hard for them to complete. They revel in every minute of what they do and the training as well. The excitement that they endure when training and competing is what drives them to success both on and off the vessel. As friends, they find that as they continue working together, their bonds of friendship grow stronger and stays special. They figure that it is easier for them to work with each other especially with motivation from each other and the love they share for the sport.

In general, the 49erFX women who are scaling the top are very athletic and energetic by nature. When they are not on the boat, they are busy doing life together like surfing or hiking. They are always up to some physical activity that challenges their abilities and causes them to keep pushing forward. Securing the gold medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016, these women hailing from Brazil are a fun bunch for any athletic person to hang around.

In recent years, the world of ailing has seen a lot of attention from the public with more people finding ways to get involved in the sport. The gender gap in the competition is also being shortened thanks to women like these who are managing to push the boundaries. While there is defiantly a rise in female sailors, there is still much to learn and progression to be made. These women will forever be known to have set the stage for inspiring more women in the world of sailing.