The Auld Mug Stays In New Zealand

The Auld Mug Stays In New Zealand
The Auld Mug Stays In New Zealand

The 36th edition of America’s Cup took place in March. The focus was on whether the challengers from Italy would succeed in dethroning the defending champion. After all, Luna Rosso had previously shown that the team is determined to do anything. But in the end, New Zealand couldn’t be beaten by the Italians either. Again the champion prevailed and won in the tenth race with 7: 3 against the challengers from Europe. That made it clear that the Auld Mug would remain in New Zealand.

Five Wins In A Row

The oldest sports trophy in the world is now going to New Zealand for the fourth time. The team was unbeatable in 1995, 2000 and 2017. For the helmsman, it was already the second success of his career. Peter Burling had already brought the trophy back to his country off Bermuda in 2017. However, the duel was only at eye level at the beginning. The hosts were even 3-2 behind, but then they turned up. New Zealand won five races in a row and sped past Luna Rosso.

The duel did not change in the tenth race either. The New Zealanders were already at the first turning point with a wind speed of ten knots. When Luna Rossa had to queue up at the second barrel and got into the downdraft, the fight for the Auld Mug was almost over. The old and new winners of America’s Cup crossed the finish line with a lead of 46 seconds. For the two helmsmen of the Italians, the defeat was particularly bitter.

The Third Attempt Failed

Shortly before the finish, Francesco Bruni and Jimmy Spithill lost America’s Cup for the third time after 1992 and 2000. The New Zealanders were naturally very happy. Helmsman Peter Burling stated that the win would mean everything for the team. After all, everyone involved worked on it for three to four years. Together they have achieved great things. No wonder then that from the Prime Minister down all compatriots and women sincerely congratulated. The head of state has already announced extensive support for the next Americas Cup. She wished for a continuation of the successful streak and saw herself supported nationwide in this. The government of New Zealand has already decided to continue working together so that the title defence in 2023 will be successful.

Francesco Bruno from Luna Rosso took off his hat and congratulated the winners. At the same time, he highlighted his team’s performance and underlined the bad luck in the last few days. His colleague Spithill was disappointed and recognized the superiority of the opponents. In the end, it would not have been enough to win. The team from New Zealand would have done a fantastic job and developed a great device. He felt as if he had gone to a pistol duel with a knife. This time the opponent was just too strong.